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That's Who We R

National Ad Campaign

See how it benefits your business and brand as a REALTOR®. Get involved.

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"That’s Who We R" educates consumers on the REALTOR® difference and becomes an inherent call to action to work with a REALTOR®, who abides by the Code of Ethics.

As a REALTOR®, here’s how you can leverage the campaign in your business:

Integrate That's Who We R in Marketing

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Share That's Who We R on Social Media

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  • Brand your social media channels with That’s Who We R content, including Facebook frames, cover photos, channel art, and more.
  • Integrate pre-written promotional copy, GIFs, and images into your social media feeds.
  • Infographics to share that promote the value of the MLS system and describing the macroeconomics of buying a home.
  • Now Available! The new NAR+Photofy app allows NAR members to easily personalize and share the "That’s Who We R" selected campaign assets on your social media accounts. Sign up today at


R Stories

We all have a story to tell, and we want to hear from you!

The ‘That’s Who We R’ campaign shines a spotlight on REALTORS®, and ‘R Stories’ gives you one more way to get involved! What to do:

  • Submit your story
  • Read the other stories submitted from each state below
  • Share your favorites on social media

Some stories will be featured on and on social media. Each month the prompt will change, allowing you to submit multiple stories.

This month’s question is: How did you lead this year? For example, were you a mentor, a leader in the community or at the office? We’d love to hear your story.

Real estate professionals must be cognizant of copyright issues when it comes to listing content, most notably in connection with listing photographs.

Commitment to Excellence
Developing and enhancing 11 competencies that indicate a REALTOR®'s commitment to ethics, advocacy, technology, data privacy, and customer service.